Saltwater Aquarium Fish Ideas

Saltwater aquarium fish becomes popular to most people because of its beautiful and colourful appearance. These colourful fish makes people spend some amount of money for fish keeping. However, saltwater fish oftentimes do not get along well with other fish in the aquarium but not so difficult to care for. Beginners have few popular saltwater aquarium fish to choose from. If you are planning to start saltwater tank, you should know the characteristics of the different marine fish that you would like to keep. Likewise, you should also learn the necessary living condition the fish requires.

Here are some of the popular saltwater aquarium fish that you can pick for your tank:

Clown fish – these are some of the most popular saltwater fish that are commonly kept. New aquarium keepers chooses clown fish because they are not hard to feed and resistant to changes in the aquarium. It is ideal to buy captive grown fish than the wild caught species because it is healthier and long lived.

Damselfish – this kind of saltwater fish are very colourful and hardy. However, they are very aggressive and are predator to other fish in the aquarium. Picking to only a few kinds of fish is one way to avoid mess in the tank. The chromis species and the yellowtail blue damsels are the ideal species to keep in school. These species are very active yet peaceful addition to the saltwater aquarium.

Basslets – This is a great family of saltwater aquarium fish but you should be careful in selecting. The Royal Gramma is the best choice in this group because of its mild characteristics and attractive color. It can live long in the aquarium as it is hardy and easy to care for as well as inexpensive. Providing rocky areas to hang around is beneficial to this saltwater fish.

Yellow Tang – this is a very popular fish but many people do not care for it. It needs large aquarium to swim freely as they do in their natural habitat. Frequent feeding should be provided because they eat constantly. They are good addition and easy to care for in the tank.

Blennies and Gobies – These are some of the saltwater aquarium fish best for beginners because they are very hardy, good characteristics and inexpensive. Most fish keepers pick the lawnmower blenny and the bi-color blenny.

Saltwater aquarium fish does not only graze algae build up but also provide pleasure while watching them as they swim.