Popular Types of Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Types of freshwater aquarium fish will let you choose the type of fish you want to have in your fish tank. Fish are relatively easy to care but there are few things to consider before you decide to buy one. Remember that before introducing any fish in their new habitat, you should let your aquarium left running for two weeks so that the good bacteria in the filter will mature to a safe level.

You should purchase freshwater aquarium fish from reputable pet store or dealer. Make sure that the fish is in good condition while still in the dealer’s shop tank. There are several types of freshwater fish that you can keep in your aquarium. Types of freshwater aquarium fish include school fish, catfish, barbs, loaches, cardinal tetras, pearl, and zebra danios. Be careful in getting aquarium fish that could be a predatory of your other fish just like the catfish. If you are just beginning to keep fish, you can get killifish as it is good in freshwater aquarium. There are other freshwater fish that you should avoided to keep in your tank like the Oscars that eat other fish and make a lot of clutter as well as goldfish that is very sensitive to many health problems.

Before adding a fish to your aquarium, it should be quarantined for a short time. This will let you know if it is healthy to avoid passing any illness to other fish. Add fish gradually in your freshwater aquarium to avoid chemical imbalance. Different types of freshwater aquarium fish have different preference when it comes to their new environment. Some prefer hiding in rocks while others does not like overcrowded tank. It is important to make research on the freshwater fish you like better. You should also know about the special needs such as temperature, chemical balance, dietary and compatibility.

Make sure that you provide the right water temperature appropriate for the type of species you choose. Freshwater fish are sensitive when it comes to the cleanliness and freshness of water. Your fish may acquire disease when there are ammonia toxins in the water. As much as possible, change the water regularly and always checks the water temperature. Types of freshwater aquarium fish can be obtained easily at your local pet stores or dealers and even on the online retailers.

Types of freshwater aquarium fish are important when building an aquarium. Sometimes freshwater fishes are also called tropical fish. In other words tropical fish are species of fish that can live in freshwater. While species of fish that live on salt water are called marine fishes. The difference of the two species is their environment.

If you are a first timer in building an aquarium your first choice should be the fresh water because these types of species are easy to take care and maintain since you only need fresh water, which you can get in your faucet. What’s good with fresh water fishes is that they are fun to watch. Putting your aquarium in your room and watching them helps your mind to feel relaxed.

Here are the types of freshwater aquarium fish to choose from. You can visit your local pet shop and ask them for additional information. Make sure that you have the right budget because some freshwater fishes are pricey.

  1. Gray bichir – Also known as Senagal bichir is one of the common species found in fresh water aquarium. This species looks like an eel but they are not.
  2. Catfish – Another favorite fishes among aquarium lovers. This species have whiskers like similar to cat. That is why it is sometimes called a catfish.
  3. Eureka Red Peacock – A small fish that comes in different colors. The popular is the red peacock and is most commonly seen in fresh water aquarium.
  4. Green spotted puffer – These types of freshwater aquarium fish is a favorite among fish keepers. It is a little yellow fish decorated with black polka dots. If you are interested to purchase this type of fish be sure you are prepared and ready for responsibilities because this species are difficult to maintain.
  5. Beta splenden – Other types of fresh aquatic species and also popular among fish keepers. Also this type of fish is also known as fighting fish. Regarding what people name that species, the beta splenden are the peaceful types of freshwater aquarium fish.

Indeed, freshwater aquarium fish serve as a worthwhile hobby. Types of freshwater aquarium fish when together in tank are also a relaxing scene to look at.

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