Caring Properly For Freshwater Aquarium Fish Species

Freshwater aquarium fish species are fish that spend most of their lives in rivers and lakes with a salinity (saltiness of a body of water) of less than 0.05%. The environment where they thrive is different from marine conditions in a lot of ways and the most obvious are the difference in levels of salinity. If you want to take care of a freshwater fish, you have to put into consideration that the fish need a range of physiological adaptations in order to keep the ion concentration of their bodies well-balanced. Having enough knowledge before you start this as a hobby will save you tons of confusion in the future.

Some of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish species include cichlids, catfish, rainbowfish, characins and other characiforms. Freshwater fish vary from the hardy to the delicate ones depending on its type. The water in the aquarium needs special care and attention to keep your fish healthy and happy.

Be consistent in maintaining the water environment because abrupt changes sometimes cause stress to the fish. Toxic wastes, pH level, and temperature fluctuations can be harmful to freshwater fish. To avoid ammonia stress or poisoning, change the water regularly. This will ensure you of keeping ammonia levels from becoming toxic. Tap water may contain chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines and this can be the cause of death for your fish so it’s very important to treat the water first. Tap water conditioners are readily available in your local pet store, these are great for neutralizing chemicals. With regard to temperature, always keep it stable. Changing the temperature can cause unnecessary stress on your fish. Know the correct pH level that your fish requires. pH test kits are also available in your local pet store and they’re very easy to use. Increase or decrease the pH level as needed.

One important thing to remember when caring for freshwater aquarium fish species is to be very cautious whenever you move them. Moving the fish can cause them to become weak and their stress level can increase. This will also cause their protective slime coating to fade. A good fish protection formula should be used together with chlorine or chloramines remover to help lessen stress and provide your fish with protective slime coat. Taking care of freshwater fish is not easy so if you don’t have the time or effort and of course proper background, you can just look for another hobby that will suit you best.