Choosing Saltwater Fish

It’s quite hard to maintain saltwater aquariums, especially ensuring the overall health of the fishes. Some of the saltwater fishes and invertebrates sold in the market are already damaged upon collection and shipment. Another thing is that some saltwater fishes have definite requirements which aquarists can’t possibly meet. Choosing saltwater fish for your saltwater aquariums is a vital task which you should not ignore.

Here is a simple guide for choosing saltwater fish for your tank.
  1. When you’re choosing saltwater fish, make sure that you choose the ones who have been in the store or shop for some time. Ask the storekeeper when the fishes were delivered and pick the ones who have been around for two weeks or so.
  2. There are many choices of saltwater fish in the store or shop. Don’t rush yourself when choosing saltwater fish; instead, give yourself enough time to check out all the fish species being offered in the store. Take note of how the fishes breathe and swim. Some of the saltwater fish species include butterfly fish, hawk fish, clownfish, and angelfish. You should also observe how the fishes eat. The fishes should be alert once the food is placed inside the tank.
  3. Never place corals which feed on fish in the tank as well as sponge-eating rocks.
  4. Before shopping for saltwater fishes, make sure that you’ve done your research. The internet is a very helpful tool when gathering information about the different saltwater fishes. You have to determine the requirements for each fish species and determine the invertebrates that can live with the fishes.
  5. Make sure that you are choosing saltwater fish species with the same or similar temperament. Aggressive fishes should not be kept in the same tank together with less aggressive ones.
Not all saltwater fishes are suitable for fish tanks. Damsels, mollies, and angelfish are among the species which can thrive in saltwater aquariums. Starters can choose the damsels for their saltwater aquarium. You should only get two fishes, preferably a couple because if you put many damsels in one tank, the fishes will fight more often.

Mollies are freshwater fishes but they can live in saltwater aquariums. This fish species can easily adapt to the environment they live in. Mollies are inexpensive and remember that you need to gradually introduce them to the saltwater environment. The angelfish is also a good choice because these are available in different attractive colors. You should start choosing saltwater fish now.