The Difference Between Aquarium Fish Species of Freshwater and Saltwater

The difference between aquarium fish species of freshwater and saltwater are varied whether from freshwater or saltwater fish. There are different fish species that novice in fish keeping can choose from. Before you decide to select the species of fish you want to keep, you must determine first the kind of tank you have. Keep in mind that the fish will survive in a living condition just like their natural habitat. Think about what kind of fish tank you want to start. This will be your guide in choosing aquarium fish species.

If you intend to keep freshwater aquarium fish, it is important that you decide what kind of fish to get. Remember that not all fish live harmoniously together. There are species of fish that can get along well with other species while there are some who wants to be alone in the tank. Freshwater aquarium fish species include catfish, barbs, loaches, cardinal tetras, neons as well as pearl and zebra danios. In addition, other freshwater fish species are hard to find and maintain like the killifish, goldfish, and Oscars.

On the other hand, if you have set up a saltwater tank, you should choose the right saltwater aquarium fish. Damsels are the common species of fish from saltwater most fish keeper have. This species could survive in poor water conditions than other saltwater fish species but are quite aggressive. They are not choosy about their food and not difficult to feed. Another species of saltwater fish is the mollies. It is easy to keep this species because they are raised and bred in captivity. However, this fish is sensitive to the water quality. That is why you need to be certain with the cycle of your tank.

Each aquarium fish species has its own characteristics and necessity. Before you try keeping these species of fish, make sure that you are armed with the basic knowledge of caring them properly. As much as possible, you consult experienced fish keeper or breeder for information about raising different species of fish. Be careful in adding fish into your tank, you should not add timid species if there is an aggressive species in your tank. The difference between aquarium fish species of freshwater and saltwater are the key in selecting the right fish that will thrive in your tank and can withstand the adversity and water condition.