Tips Starting to Buy Aquarium Fish

Buy aquarium fish for your tank is a crucial decision. Aquarium fish is the key whether or nor to be successful in keeping an aquarium. In selecting the right aquarium fish, you should not only pick out the fish that looks beautiful in your eyes but also choose one that can easily acclimate to the environment. Be careful in selecting the type of fish that are compatible because not all fish can get along with each other. If you are just starting to keep fish in your tank, these tips may be helpful as you buy aquarium fish.
  • Observe the appearance of the fish. Make sure that the particular fish that you are interested in having is active and swimming properly. Beware for any growths or white fuzzy patches and make sure that the fins are not chewed.
  • Check carefully the dealer tank condition before you buy aquarium fish. Take a good look at the tank condition as well as other fish because there may be parasites and disease that might not visible in your fish. If you notice that the tank is untidy and you see dead fish floating, never attempt to buy fish from that dealer. Even if your prospected fish appears to be healthy, an infection may show up later as you bring it home and may present the risk with your other fish.
  • Make sure that the water condition of your tank is good. Adding more fish while the water condition is poor will only worsen and put in danger the health of all the fish in the aquarium. Overcrowding your tank with too many fish will cause stress to the fish as well as lowering the water quality. If you want to add more fish in your tank, you also have to change the water often and have a good filtration.
  • Ask the pet shop owner how big the fish could be expected to grow. Keep in mind that a gallon of water can support one inch of fish.
  • Think about the type of fish that you want to have before you buy aquarium fish.  Know the characteristic of the aquarium fish you want to keep. Other fish do better in a school while some fish are territorial. Buy aquarium fish that can get along with another type of fish in your tank.